A View to the Future

By supporting RSCM America you will be ensuring that our work continues and safeguarding the future of church music. We appreciate every donation of any size. RSCM America is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be made to the RSCM America by mailing a completed Donation Form and a check to: RSCM America at Westminster Choir College, 101 Walnut Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540. 100% of all donations made to RSCM America go directly to the RSCMA and its work in supporting and training church musicians.

If you would like to be listed in our publications and on our website as a patron, the following are the levels of recognition:

$250 and up

up to $249

$500 and up

$1,000 and up


RSCM America is an independent charity. Our VOICE for LIFE curriculum provides musical education to singers through a structured choral music program and summer music courses. We provide support to music directors through an organizational forum that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Through our efforts to raise the quality of choral music performance, we have touched the lives of multitudes of singers and listeners. Our supporters represent a wonderful group of loyal and diverse people. We rely on donations and membership income to continue our work supporting and promoting church music. RSCMA supporters are drawn from different denominations, worshipping in different ways and enjoying different musical styles. We all share a common passion for great church music which, when used effectively, enriches and enlivens Christian worship.

Many Thanks to RSCM America’s Donors, 2010-2018

Platinum$1,000 and up

The Estate of Ben Hutto • Hope Ev. Lutheran Church, St. Louis, Mo. • Immanuel Church Highlands, Wilmington, Del., for the Jack Burnam Scholarship Fund • Gary Correll • John Wahlstrom • William F. Tell • 2 donations to the Training Course Documentary Film Project

Gold – $500 and up
Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, Ind. • Diana Gibbs • Tom and Enid Oberholtzer, FRSCM • 3 donations to the Training Course Documentary Film Project

Silver – $250 and up
  Liza Davis • Carter W. Hotchkiss, in honor of Rev. Edmund Pickup • David M. Lowry, HonRSCM • 
St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, Md., from the 2010 Washington Course for Advanced Trebles • 
Trinity Episcopal Church, Hartford, Conn. • 5 donations to the Training Course Documentary Film Project

Bronze – up to $249
Advent Press • David Arcus • Robin Arcus, in honor of Wylie S. Quinn • Sara Arnold • Ann Barbieri, in memory of Dr. Rändel L. Wolfe • George W. Bayley • Douglas A. Beck • John R. and Nancy E. Berger • Eric Birk • John W. Brooks • Matthew Michael Brown • Rosemary Brown Beakes • Victoria Burns • Kate Byroade • David Cason • Thomas R. Charsky • Christ Church Plano--Anglican, Plano, Tex. • Christ Episcopal Church, Rockville, Md., Tad Cavuoti, Director • Charles Corum • Carolyn Craig • Mark and Lydia Downey • Victoria M. Ellsworth • Jane Errera • Brooks Firestone • Charles M. Gatlin, Jr. • Charles J. Gedeik • Dr. Theodore Guerrant • Jane A. Harris • Dr. R. Douglas Helvering • Rev. Cn. George Aldrich Hill, III • W. Benjamin Hutto, FRSCM • Jean Krueger • Canon Mark Laubach • Charles Lindsey • James H. Litton, FRSCM • Stephen M. Lott • David Lowry • Katherine Lundeen • Meriden Cooper Corporation • Daniel J. Miller • Viola Day Mullin • Jason Overall and Edie Johnson • Paraclete Press Music • Gilbert E. Peterson • G. Ernest Plunkett • Bruce Power • Rebecca Price • Marjorie Proctor • Robert M. Quade • James Ray • Roy Roberts • The Rev. Dr. William Bradley Roberts • Christine Sarti • M. Christiane and C. Peter Shields • Choirs of St. George's Church, Arlington, Va. • St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Orlando, Fla. • Richard G. Syracuse • Mark Trautman • Dana Lee Walters • Joseph H. Waterman, MA, MBA • Richard Webster, FRSCM • Timothy R. Wertime • J. David Wertz • John Wigal • 22 donations to the Enid Oberholtzer Scholarship Fund • 5 donations in memory of Robert A. Pimsner • 6 donations to the Tucky Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund • 19 donations to the Training Course Documentary Film Project